all the sins Juried WebMag Exhibition all the sins, Editors Sinead Keegan and Lisa Davison Featured Artist Issue 8 of all the sins Featured images: Nocturne Stitches and Bleeding Into Being Cover Art: Nocturne Stitches  

Venus of the Stars

Venus of the Stars July, 2018 Blurb Publishing As a nomadic artist the author travels to point and place on an endless quest for meaning. This is her perspective of Greece in June 2018; and the journey through two Artist Residencies and two Solo Exhibitions.  

Studio Residency: Palm Desert, CA

Studio Residency Palm Desert, CA July 2018 I spent my time creating a book, Venus of the Stars; and starting a new series of frescoes, Spirtual Warriors.  Both were inspired by my travels to Greece. The following link will take the viewer to a preview of Venus of the Stars. Three frescoes from a new series Spiritual Warriors: Keyhole 1-144…

Archives and Bones: A Weaving

Solo Exhibition Egg egg Gallery, Leonidio, Greece June 2018   Story line:  This exhibition is part of the development movement of Entanglement: A Love Story, a visual-conceptual sonata. During this showing, the two main characters (Via Postel and The Wanderer) have traveled to Greece, called by whispered memories from a past that exited reality long…