My Good Judy Artist Residency

October 14th – November 2nd 2018

New Orleans French Quarter, Louisiana

Project:  Inking the Ghost in Exile

Exhibition: New Orleans Healing Center, 38th annual Day of the Dead Fet Gede Celebration

Project Concept:

This is a piece about liberation and revolution for freedom from limits on thoughts, behavior, and choice.  It is a statement about the suppression of women’s voices and on a larger scale the suppression of diversity. It is a call to all those who have a part of themselves that is not seen, not heard, not understood.  It asks viewers as participants to recognize the ghost within; the Ghost in Exile – the part that is dying without a print. It invites participants from around the world to name that unmarked grave inside their soul.  Name the ghost to be remembered.


Using an Everybody Coffin (designed for emergency disaster sites), I have Frescoed the 6 sides (4 sides plus top and bottom). The exterior colors and damaged appearance symbolic of modern suffering. The interior colors and textured surface represent the beyond body connections and memory. The lid hangs on the wall horizontally; the open coffin/casket displayed under the lid standing on end affording the viewer the visual illusion of being inside and retrieving the ghost within. This “T” shaped arrangement is representative of World Order holding up the Multiverse and Consciousness itself. The poem A Woman Is Talking To Death by American Poet Judy Grahn, is artistically rendered onto mulberry paper and folded into a white crane which hangs as a “chandelier” within the coffin. The poem and this piece weaving together the call to make visible the dead parts within the living.


I will be onsite from October 15th through November 1st creating 1000 red origami cranes that will be strung on 10 strands of thread and installed (progressively as created) at the opening to the coffin, gradually creating a “curtain of cranes”. The folding of 1000 cranes is called Senbazuru. It is a symbol of hope and healing, a prayer of love for those who suffer. Inking the Ghost in Exile is a wish for the suppression of expression to end.