Archives and Bones: A Weaving

Solo Exhibition

Egg egg Gallery, Leonidio, Greece

June 2018


Story line:  This exhibition is part of the development movement of Entanglement: A Love Story, a visual-conceptual sonata. During this showing, the two main characters (Via Postel and The Wanderer) have traveled to Greece, called by whispered memories from a past that exited reality long ago. They are expressing their unique perceptions of time and space. Via Postel has created a sculpture titled Helen Standing, communicating the emotional topography of her journey through Non-Being toward her true love. Her expression vibrating with the many layered veils of past, present, and possibility.  The Wanderer has collected found objects and created weavings to communicate the weight of time and the body of being. Together they present a convergence of the friction between time and timelessness, weight and weightlessness, and the love that weaves the two together.

The sculptures in this show were created directly after visiting Sparta and Mycenae. Sparta overwhelmed my senses with mystical impressions, while Mycenae felt profoundly of concretized reality. Both presented as reflections of the current states of humanity. Sparta today, the desecration of the sacred, of the goddess, of connection to creation, of love itself; and Mycenae today, the historical roots of man’s domination over man – production, distribution, and consumption.

These two kingdoms wove their significance into the essence of Via Postel and The Wanderer, deepening the story lines with social archaeological value.


Helen Standing

In the larger context of Entanglement: A Love Story, this sculpture has been created by the character Via Postel as a self portrait. In her loom form, Helen Standing, she weaves the fabric of fate, resulting in existence as a state of Being.

The piece was a functioning loom empty of weft strands. Her crown represented the multiverse and consciousness itself. It was made of discarded furniture legs. The warp strands of the loom were created out of old fishing rope. They were anchored by “metal” rocks with naturally occurring holes found on top of the local mountain located in Pan’s valley. The loom descended from the crown pulling consciousness toward manifestation. The cinder block columns on either side symbolically represented world order, protecting humanity and the gods from the annihilation that would arise should energy and matter collide into one another. The white egg-shaped river stones were the swans eggs out of which Helen and her siblings were born. Another symbol of the many layered dualities that shape human understanding and existence. The dust pans embedded into the columns of world order characterized the scales of justice, and the process of life into death.

Archaeological waste and found objects worked into form by the character The Wanderer. His intention, to communicate the heaviness of heart that can occur during daily life.