Beauty Bleeding Through

Solo Exhibition

Panourgias Store, Athens, Greece

June 2018

Beauty Bleeding Through was the title of the exhibition in Athens, Greece. The frescoes created were part of the Coda, Anatomy of the Atmosphere: Portraits of the Code, within the largest framework of Entanglement: A Love Story, a visual-conceptual sonata.

I find that beauty bleeds through the codes that make up reality. Beauty is the heart connection that lasts beyond the confines of time and space. It is the lightness of vibration; Intimacy as an art form. I travel in the name of love, for the survival of love. I remember Beauty as The Way .

Each fresco was created in direct response to a liminal journey into a mythically significant sacred topographical point.

Story line:  The exhibition was installed inside an old stamp shop still functioning today; a perfect metaphor to house the larger concept which utilizes the voices of two archetypal characters. Via Postel, the essence of Non-Being, and The Wanderer, the embodiment of Being.


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