Shells and Pearls

Solo Exhibit

The Alcove on the 4th Floor, San Francisco, California

April-May 2018

Entanglement: A Love Story is a conceptual sonata; Shells and Pearls is the exposition in two keys (characters), The Wanderer and Via Postel.

The exhibition was installed in a narrow corridor with three paintings facing three paintings; the voices of The Wanderer and Via Postel in communication with each other.

Story line: The Wanderer communicating to Via Postel. His frescoes will be referred to as Contemporary Abstract Expressionist works of art intended to create vibrational connection to his One She who exists beyond the veil of Being.

Story line: Via Postel communicating to The Wanderer. Her frescoes will be referred to as vibrational postcards intended to travel into existence and be made manifest that her One He can know her presence.

Shells and Pearls exhibit