Convergence: Cosmological Powers

March 2018

Blurb Publishing

A creative project and journey through the Cosmological Powers as described by Dr. Brian Swimme, and engaged, interpreted, and represented by Quin de la Mer, Conceptual Artist.

This book is a visual and written memoir of the journey through this creative process. It is connected to Entanglement: A Love Story is a visual-conceptual sonata. This project is part of the recapitulation movement titled Nomad in Exile.

2018, location San Francisco, CA, Inner Mission District:  Inside Non-Ordinary Reality 

Each fresco was created as a layer covering the layer previously created. The result is a single fresco, converging with the 11 layers, that is to say Powers, that have preceded the final outcome.  Each layer was created within liminal space, after entry into non-ordinary reality where convergence between the characters Via Postel and The Wanderer took place.

The following images are documentation of the layers beginning with the foundation.


Fine Art Book